About Us

Bloom Where You Are Planted

“Every experience in life prepares you for the next one. You can’t always choose where your roots are set, but you can choose to make the best of every situation. You can control your thoughts, actions, and attitude. While you might not be exactly where you would like to be at this point in your journey, you will get there if you use this opportunity to learn and grow.” -
Find Your Mantra

The Crazy Plant Chicks is run by five women who are passionate about the transformative power of plants.

It all started when we began to work from home. We decided to liven up our spaces by creating a tropical zen garden. 

As our collection grew, we became more aware of the many health benefits of plants. Through meditative plant care, it taught us to slow down and embrace our inner calm. 

What made us even more ecstatic was giving away our extra plants to our family and friends and hearing about the difference it made in their lives. 

From then on, others in our community began to ask about our plant collection and how to develop their own oasis in their home. It made us realize that there was a demand to safely shop for and learn more about houseplants. So we decided to open our own shop where anyone in our community can find an eclectic mix of plants and easily learn how to properly care for them.

Our mission is simple: to share our love for houseplants and help others bloom where they are planted.